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Will Spectrum Buyout My AT&T Contract?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have a wireless or internet service plan with AT&T, you may wonder if you can switch to Spectrum without paying a penalty. In recent years, many telecom companies have offered contract buyout programs that promise to pay off your current service provider`s fees and charges if you switch to their services. However, the details of these offers can vary widely, and some may not be as beneficial as they seem. So, let`s examine whether Spectrum will buy out your AT&T contract and what you need to know before making a decision.

What is an AT&T contract?

An AT&T contract is a legal agreement between you and AT&T that outlines the terms and conditions of your service plan. Typically, a contract lasts for two years and requires you to pay a fixed monthly fee for a certain amount of data, voice, and text services. If you cancel the contract before it expires, you may be subject to an early termination fee (ETF), which is usually calculated as a prorated amount of the remaining months multiplied by a set fee. For example, if you have six months left on your contract and the ETF is $200, you will have to pay $100 to cancel your service.

Can Spectrum buyout my AT&T contract?

Yes, Spectrum offers a contract buyout program that promises to pay up to $500 in ETFs per line or account when you switch to their internet or mobile services. However, there are some conditions and limitations to this offer that you should be aware of:

– You must be a new customer of Spectrum, meaning you have not subscribed to any of their services in the past 30 days.

– You must sign up for a qualifying plan with Spectrum, which may have different rates and features than your AT&T plan.

– You must submit a copy of your AT&T bill and a customer service summary that shows the ETF charges and the account number.

– You must port your AT&T phone number to Spectrum within 60 days of the buyout approval.

– You may not receive the full $500 credit if your ETF charges are less than that amount.

– You may have to pay any remaining AT&T charges that are not covered by the buyout credit, such as device payments or prorated fees.

In addition, Spectrum`s buyout program is subject to change and may not be available in all locations or for all plans. Therefore, you should check with Spectrum`s customer service or website for the latest information and eligibility criteria before applying for the buyout.

Is it worth switching to Spectrum from AT&T?

Whether switching to Spectrum from AT&T is worth it depends on your needs, budget, and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

– Spectrum may offer lower prices for internet and mobile services than AT&T, but the actual rates may vary depending on your location and plan.

– Spectrum`s internet speeds may be slower than AT&T`s in some areas, especially for fiber-optic connections.

– Spectrum`s mobile coverage may be less extensive than AT&T`s in some regions, particularly in rural or remote areas.

– Spectrum does not offer unlimited data plans for mobile phones, while AT&T does.

– Spectrum`s internet plans may have data caps or overage charges, while AT&T`s may not.

– Spectrum may have different customer service quality and support options than AT&T, which may influence your satisfaction and loyalty.

Therefore, before deciding to switch to Spectrum, you should compare the prices, speeds, coverage, data limits, and other features of their plans with those of AT&T`s, based on your usage patterns and needs. You should also read reviews and ratings of both companies and assess their reliability, security, and privacy policies.


Spectrum may buy out your AT&T contract up to $500 per line or account if you switch to their internet or mobile services and meet their eligibility criteria. However, this offer may have some restrictions and conditions that you should be aware of, and the actual value of the buyout credit may depend on your ETF charges. Moreover, switching to Spectrum from AT&T may have advantages and disadvantages that vary depending on your location, plan, and preferences. Therefore, it`s essential to compare and research both companies` offerings before making a final decision.